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AB InBev Launches BEES B2B eCommerce Platform in UK

Budweiser Brewing Group U.K. owner AB InBev has plans to debut its B2B eCommerce platform, called BEES, in the U.K., which a company press release says will give retail customers more insights and flexibility.

The users will now have access to a more seamless order experience and communication using the platform, as Budweiser Brewing Group is focusing more on a digital experience for retailers buying from the company.

Business owners will be able to browse it for products, place orders, set up deliveries, work with invoices and more.

BEES was initially piloted in 2020 in the Dominican Republic and is now used in over 17 countries.

According to Brian Perkins, president, Western Europe and chief executive of the Budweiser Brewing Group, the idea behind expanding BEES is to add more digital functionality.

“Technology is at the heart of AB InBev’s growth strategy, and bringing BEES to the UK is an exciting step in our company’s digital transformation. As a member of the founding team of BEES, I watched the platform grow from day one. By harnessing the power of data and technology, we’re building shared prosperity for our business partners and our communities. Already in the top 10 eCommerce marketplaces globally, BEES has the potential to improve productivity for all businesses in our ecosystem.”

In February, Anheuser-Busch InBev said it had ended 2021 with better than expected results. The company at the time was excited about the prospects of people going out and spending more money on beverages as vaccine rollouts and the end of some COVID precautions were causing people to go out more.

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Inflation was an issue, though, with CEO Michel Doukeris saying it would factor into profits — but the company thought a return to outside-the-home activity would offset those issues.

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