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Adobe Introduces B2B Capability For Customer Data Platform

Adobe is extending the parameters for its Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) offering to include B2B data and workflows, the company announced in a Tuesday (Nov. 24) blog post, improving on last year’s version that only worked with brands.

The new features will aid companies in creating, managing and activating unified people and account profiles, and will help teams coordinate consistent account-based experiences across numerous channels and teams at-scale, based on full understandings of customers, the company said.

The features will be available next year, according to the blog post.

In addition, B2B brands will be able to utilize Adobe’s expanded proprietary open-source Experience Data model to ingest and activate data from B2B-centered sources. The expansion will include a pre-built connector for Marketo Engage, which the blog says will help companies create B2B engagement and attribution data to help enrich and update profiles.

The changes are in line with what’s needed for companies in the COVID-19 pandemic’s new world of digital technology adoption, Adobe said in the announcement, noting that B2B engagement “is and will continue to be heavily rooted in trust and relationships.” The challenge comes in trying to manage the complexity of B2B, with sales to multiple large-buying groups, including different needs, long sales cycles, disconnected data and complex tech stacks.

These things are what Adobe’s new features are aiming to fix, with the blog noting that 90 percent of B2B marketers see challenges in turning data into actionable insights, with unified account profiles being a “game-changer.”

In a recent PYMNTS panel on payments and supply chain management, executives said the pandemic had resulted in new digital solutions that will outlast the crisis. Companies have had to become more resilient and focus on heightening speed and efficiency, with communication needed between buyers and suppliers and between firms, CTOs and treasurers. The most important thing has been to ensure payments get where they’re going on time.

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