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Albertsons Debuts DoubleDash, Lets Consumers Add Merchants to Grocery Delivery

Albertsons is teaming with DoorDash to add on orders from local restaurants to their grocery orders, Progressive Grocer reported.

That could see things like new dessert orders added on.

There will reportedly be no new delivery fees or order minimums. And the feature will allow users to order hot and prepared meals from any Albertsons Delo Marketplace.

“With this we’re hoping to make our customers’ lives even a little bit easier,” said Chris Rupp, Albertsons EVP and chief customer and digital officer. “It really comes down to the more you serve customers and help them get done what they want to get done, the more they’re going to come back to you. And so the way we look at this is that we’re helping customers get something done that’s important for them: What’s for dinner tonight, and how do they answer that question.”

She added that the new feature made sense because of the chance that customers will likely not buy all their food in the same place at the same time.

“So there’s room for lots and lots of players in this category, and we just want to help our customers get done the job they want to get done,” she said.

The system will see one DoorDash delivery person taking both orders – then delivering them together, with the shoppers who use DoorDash’s DashPass membership receiving fee delivery on orders over $25.

In other DoorDash news, the company is suing New York City over a new local law that will make it so third-party delivery services will have to share consumer data with restaurants any time the restaurants request it.

Read more: DoorDash Takes on Restaurants in Fight Over NYC Data-Sharing Mandate

Consumer data could mark the difference between success and failure for the new highly competitive dining space, with a need for restaurants to set up deeper relationships with customers’ preferences.

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