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Amazon Ramping up Alexa Voice Shopping With ‘What Are My Deals?’ Campaign

Amazon is encouraging its customers to ask Alexa, “What are my deals?”

In an announcement posted Friday (Oct. 1), Amazon staff noted that buyers can shop the latest deals by asking its voice assistant that question.

Alexa can also help shoppers plan what to buy by answering questions and building a shopping list; recommend products by sharing customer recommendations and current deals; add items to a shopping cart and suggest items based on the shopper’s Amazon order history; and track orders and confirm delivery. The company offered 14 phrases to customers in the announcement to get the most out of shopping on Amazon.

Amazon has intended for Alexa to become the operating system for the connected economy, PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster wrote in a Sept. 20 opinion piece.

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Since the introduction of Alexa in 2014, Amazon has embedded its voice-activated operating system into the growing number of devices that were or could be connected to the internet. (Indeed, Amazon reported Sept. 28 that customers have connected more than 200 million smart home devices to Alexa and are connecting millions of new devices each month.)

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Seven years ago, Alexa 1.0 was about building the consumer’s trust using a humanized voice artificial intelligence (AI) application named Alexa and discovering the hands-free power of a simple, spoken command to master the mundane.

Over time, its voice AI operating system has the potential to move consumers and businesses closer to an always-on connected commerce ecosystem, by leveraging that trust and embedding payment and identity credentials into a growing portfolio of connected devices powering new use cases that define the consumer’s daily routine.

It’s something that will become far more important as more and more devices get deployed through the retail and commercial physical space, penetrated by super-fast 5G, Webster wrote.

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