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Amazon Teams with Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers to Boost Productivity

Amazon is deploying Alexa to assisted living centers and hospitals to help providers connect patients to information and entertainment while also improving the care team’s overall efficiency.

With Alexa bedside, senior citizen residents and patients can more easily stay connected with family, friends, caregivers, news and more, using simple voice commands. Participants so far include senior living communities Atria and Eskaton, as well as hospitals like Boston Children’s Hospital, Cedars-Sinai, BayCare and Houston Methodist.

Alexa Smart Properties is the latest solution that makes it easy to manage Alexa devices at scale and also enables different properties to tailor the experience to their patients and residents.

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“We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, in and outside of the home,” said Liron Torres, Head of Alexa Smart Properties at Amazon.

Torres added that that the Alexa benefit adds to the many experiences people can enjoy at senior living centers and healthcare facilities while also helping care teams manage their time more productively and offering a more personalized level of care.

Alexa Smart Properties gives senior residents and patients the ability to reach out to friends and family as well as their community groups. The connection can also help family members know they can get in touch with their senior relatives anytime with Alexa calling.

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Care staff administrators can offer people access to thousands of Alexa skills and customize the information to include daily schedules and menus. The device also enables staff to make announcements, make voice and video calls, and send direct audio messages to other Alexa-connected devices on the property. Alexa can also help staff save time when it comes to maintenance requests and some office functions.

“We’ve consistently moved to put our residents in the position to live their best lives, now,” said John A. Moore, chairman and CEO of Atria Senior Living. “Technology has played a critical role in this effort. When you combine our resident and family app with the deployment of Alexa Smart Properties in our communities, seniors have an even greater ability to write the next chapter of their lives through easy-to-use technology that keeps them engaged and connected to their families at all times.”

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