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Apple Card Outage Disrupting Purchases

Apple Card outages being reported on Wednesday (June 2) seem to be affecting people’s ability to make purchases and appear to be an ongoing issue, according to Twitter and other reports.

Apple updated its System Status page at 2:14 p.m. EST and indicated that the card outage started at 9:17 a.m. EST and is still ongoing. “All users are affected. Users may not be able to manage their Apple Card, make payments, and may not see recent transactions,” per the status update.

Apple said that all users are affected by the outage. It is unknown whether each card user will have the same issues. Apple’s credit card is managed through the iPhone’s wallet app, which is integrated with iOS. 

The Apple Card was introduced by the iPhone maker in 2019; at that time, it captured slightly over 2 percent of the overall credit card sector — about 3.1 million users. At its annual Spring Loaded event — which this year was held virtually from Apple Park at its headquarters in Cupertino, California — CEO Tim Cook announced Apple Card Family, which enables cardholders to share the Apple Card with family members.

The Silicon Valley tech giant and iPhone maker said in June 2020 that it had developed a credit improvement program for people who were turned down for the Apple Card. The program will be an optional method for people who want an Apple Card but don’t have the required credit score.

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