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Apple Pay, X-Border Invoices, Quick Accept Top This Week’s News

It was a busy week for commerce and payments, as Apple Pay turned six and J.P. Morgan Chase is banking on QuickAccept to edge out FinTech rivals Square and PayPal.

The PYMNTS Weekender is here to catch you up on the latest news at the end of another busy work week. We have deep dives on Apple Pay, cross-border invoices and J.P. Morgan Chase’s QuickAccept.


JPMorgan Takes On Square And PayPal At The Point Of Sale

JPMorgan Chase is banking on QuickAccept to edge out FinTech competitors PayPal and Square. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can accept payments via a mobile program or touch-free card reader with QuickAccept and get the funds immediately.

Amazon To Pay Consumers For Their Shopping Data

Amazon has rolled out a new initiative to get data about the purchase activity of users outside of its own website via financial incentives. The Amazon Shopper Panel will provide payment to uses for the information and filling out some short polls.

Saving Main Street From Its Downward Pandemic Spiral

Main Streets will have to change to receive the social proof and vibe that made them so successful. They will need a collection of stores that offer the social proof and the vibe that made them an enjoyable place to spend a Saturday.

PayPal Becomes Latest Big Tech Firm To Hop On The Crypto Bandwagon

PayPal is jumping into the world of digital currency, allowing those who have wallets to purchase, sell, and keep tokens such as ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash in their PayPal accounts. And, beginning next year, they will be able to spend their crypto collections with any of the 26 million retailers currently taking PayPal.

2021: The Year Business Payments Go Digital And Lose The Paper Check

The migration from legacy payments workflows was well ongoing prior to COVID-19, but the pandemic is making for fresh urgency to transition to cloud-based digitized systems. Firms are more and more automating inputting invoices, printing paper checks and other past manual work to survive as staffers telecommute.

Tracker and Reports

Apple Pay At Six: How Consumers Are Using It At The Physical Point Of Sale

The rollout of Apple Pay has long been viewed as Apple’s attempt at supplanting shoppers’ utilization of tangible cards for in-store purchases as their main payment method. Oct. 20 happened to be the mobile wallet’s six-year anniversary. Where does Apple Pay stand today?

Report: Overcoming Cross-Border Invoice Complexities

Suppliers that want to reach business customers internationally need the appropriate plans and tools implement to handle different concerns. PYMNTS explores the accounts receivable (AR) decisions that helped one firm reach customers in 43 countries.

GE’s FX Payments Chief On Optimizing FX And Supply Chain Efficiencies

General Electric operates in over 100 nations in segments that encompass energy production, aviation and healthcare. PYMNTS explores why the firm has embarked on a system digital revamp of its international payments operations and the key role this has in keeping supply chains operating smoothly and safely in difficult times.

Fun, Cool and Otherwise Interesting

Google’s Connected Economy Efforts, Overshadowed By Antitrust Suit?

No one really knows what might occur in a legal saga that will take place over years. However, Google’s push to get payments and commerce more completely connected, particularly during COVID-19, deserves some attention of its own.

Millennials Will Lead The Voice Commerce Revolution

A PYMNTS poll found bridge millennials are nearly twice as likely than the average consumer to use voice-activated technology to make purchases. This demographic is the first generation of consumers to have grown up with connected devices and have gotten used to harnessing them to shop and pay.

Holiday 2020: Consumers Will Spend Less Overall, Spend More Time Online

Consumers are going to spend less overall during the holiday 2020 season, they are going to spend more time on the web and they don’t wish to touch anything in the process.

Netflix Earnings Show (Inevitable) Subscriber Slowdown

Netflix‘s newest earnings indicates that the torrid clip of subscriber additions cooled a bit — but enough to disappoint investors. The company added 2.2 million paid subscribers, while the Street had forecast additions of 3.3 million subscribers.

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