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Best Buy Rolls Out Tech Support Subscription Nationwide

Best Buy is rolling out its Totaltech membership across the U.S., letting users access 24/7 Geek Squad support, two years of product protection, members-only prices, free delivery and standard installation, a press release says.

The program also lets them access the Member Monday event series, which comes with exclusive deals, and will also let members access rarer tech goods in the holiday season. The program costs $199.99 annually.

The company has been piloting Totaltech earlier in the year in Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota and Tennessee, and now the tech retailer is officially among other companies like Walmart and Amazon in offering a subscription service.

Retailers have turned to subscriptions recently to try and get more customers. This has been particularly important as COVID-19 has disrupted the economy – though the services might not work for every retailer.

Best Buy is currently trying to find a stronger footing in the COVID economy, with the company having made the decision to cut jobs and working hours for employees to gear more towards eCommerce.

“Technology plays an increasingly crucial role in our lives today, and each customer needs technology in a different way. That’s why we created Totaltech, to not only meet all of these needs, but also to give them a heightened sense of confidence – in getting a great price, in using their tech and by knowing we have their back if something goes wrong,” Allison Peterson, chief customer officer at Best Buy, said in a statement.

PYMNTS recently reported on Totaltech as well, writing that the company was originally working a ‘Best Buy Beta’ program at around 90 of the almost 1,000 U.S. stores, and has been trying to get members of that program to be a part of the Totaltech program.

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Peter Keith, a Piper Sandler analyst, said the new program was “a potential game changer,” and his analysis said the company would likely cause a 3 percent boost in sales, alongside a 5 to 8 percent boost in earnings in the next two years.

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