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Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin ATM Installations Jump By 85 Pct; Argentinian Lawmaker To Introduce Crypto Bill

The count of bitcoin ATMs has jumped this year, rising by 85 percent to just under 11,800, CoinDesk reported.

The border-free network of bitcoin allows for money to be easily moved in any amount internationally, according to the outlet, which noted that the rise in bitcoin ATMs shows that the digital currency is becoming more and more popular as a method of payment.

In other news, Rakuten Travel Xchange is teaming with ShareRing to provide their Japanese collection of more than 600,000 lodging facilities and 200,000 rental properties through the ShareLedger blockchain environment, according to a Wednesday (Nov. 11) post.

The move allows all firms or partners linked to the application programming interface (API) of ShareRing to provide a safe, inexpensive and expedient method to make a reservation with the benefits of ShareLedger and ShareRing ID.

“ShareRing’s unique self-sovereign ID model is a major development of the industry, and we look forward to seeing what more they can bring to upgrading technological advancements in the travel space,” Rakuten Travel Exchange CEO Josh Ziegler said in the post, noting that the Rakuten Group takes pride in creating innovative online shopping and travel solutions in Japan and abroad.

Meanwhile, hackers purportedly sought $11 million worth of cryptocurrency from Japanese computer gaming company Capcom in return for not providing illicitly gathered private data, CoinDesk reported.

The hackers reportedly acted on their threat and unveiled the private data, CoinDesk noted in an update to its story. Capcom had noted in a Nov. 4 announcement that its networks had been attacked on Nov. 2. The hits impacted some systems with the inclusion of file and email servers, but there wasn’t any sign that client data was breached, CoinDesk reported, citing the announcement.

And the parliament of Argentina will be presented with new legislation that offers a digital currency framework, Cointelegraph reported. Congressman Ignacio Torres plans to put the law regarding crypto to the legislative body.

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