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Bitcoin Daily: Pennsylvania Eyes Digital Currency Task Force; Australia’s CoinJar Launches Crypto Mastercard

CoinJar Card, a Mastercard product letting users spend their crypto like cash, has been rolled out in Australia, a company blog says.

With the card, users will be able to spend the money in their CoinJar to make purchases.

Users will be able to select which cryptocurrency they want to spend, and it will be automatically converted to Australian dollars when a transaction is made.

The company says CoinJar Card has no fees to activate and has a low 1 percent transaction fee.

Computer services provider Canaan has announced it had a customer order for 4,000 bitcoin mining machines from HIVE Blockchain Technologies, a press release says.

The company plans to deliver the order in two parts of 2,000 each over the next 60 days.

HIVE also previously ordered 6,400 Canaan Avalon 1246 Miners, which have an aggregate operating hash power of 576 PH/s.

HIVE, which is headquartered in Vancouver, uses a green energy strategy as well as one for environmental and social governance (ESG), and the company is working to bridge traditional capital markets with the digital currency and blockchain industries.

Crypto gateway NOWPayments has rolled out a mass payments solution, which will allow for the sending of as many crypto payments as needed to as many people as one wants, a press release says.

The feature will be available for any business looking to put in place a payroll system powered by crypto.

Mass payments can work with a crypto-powered payroll, letting employers send salaries or parts of salaries or bonuses to those who work for them.

A Pennsylvania bill has proposed a new task force for digital currency issues, a CoinGeek report says.

This is in line with the state’s overall movement towards the adoption of digital currencies.

Bill HB1724 would make a task force to look at how the impact of digital currencies would play out in the state if they were adopted, the report says, including how many and which currencies could be traded in the state and which exchange programs would be allowed to work there.

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