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BNPL Provider Ranking Welcomes Newcomers, Marvels At Unstoppable Brands

What can we possibly say about ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) that hasn’t already been said?

Lots of things. We’re creative and energetic — and besides, we have PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps team feeding us fresh data on a monthly basis.

As we see it, we’ve got endless things to say about BNPL. This could take many hours and lots of drinks. But that would be disrespectful of your time, so instead we’ll just dive right in.

Now, not later.

The Top 5

You know it before we even say it. Afterpay and Klarna continue their celebrity cage match by tying at No. 1 for yet another month. Now that Square owns Afterpay, what’s next? Don’t know.

Also hanging on at No. 2 is Affirm, which is making deals all over the place. Any day now there could be BNPL for a cup of coffee. We’re telling you…it’s everywhere.

At No. 3 Quadpay stands firm, but owner Zip Pay also charts. This one is also a mystery.

Now for something exciting, as not one but two new entrants ascend into the Top 5.

Tied at No. 4 and both new to the Top 5, we’ve got Laybuy rising two spots and Paidy doing the same, landing them both in the rarified air of the Top 5. So glad you could come. Have a seat.

Dropping a spot but keeping to the Top 5 is the FuturePay app, and that’s a victory.

The Top 10

Popular Sezzle drops one chart position and out of the Top 5 to No. 6 this cycle. They’re pretty hot right now, so this may be temporary. Stay tuned.

Zip Pay seems quite content at No. 7, neither gaining nor losing — and that’s kind of a win.

Similarly, the Humm is minding its own business at No. 8, right where we last left them.

No “lazy” jokes please, but the yes, the LazyPay app didn’t move from No. 9. Again, as we said, when an app neither rises nor falls, that’s a little victory unto itself.

No change at No. 10 either as the Brighte app — a relative newcomer to the Top 10 — keeps its spot warm for another cycle with “zero-interest payments solutions for energy-conscious home improvements.” Sounds like a clean and tidy way to go. Can’t be bad.

There now. Quick and clean. Were we respectful of your time? Well, until they invent “read now, comprehend later” the Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps will have to suffice.

See you…later.

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