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Bottomline Unveils Bank Payments Tracking Service via Swift API

Bottomline, which provides financial technology to simplify business payments, has announced a new application programming interface (API)-based payments tracking service, according to a press release.

The service will integrate SWIFT gpi data, which is captured on behalf of Bottomline clients and integrated to their payments workflow, the release stated. This has the effect of simplifying the API access points.

The APIs allow improved end-to-end transparency and payment status for cross-border payments in real time, which gives banks and business customers increased visibility, according to the release.

The service will pair Bottomline with SWIFT’s new Platform Partnership Program, which lets third-party providers offer API connectivity benefits to their banking customers, the release stated.

Pilot customers will be able to see “immediate benefits,” whether or not they are existing customers, new gpi banks or existing gpi users, according to the release.

“This partnership is an important milestone in easing adoption, extending reach and enabling Bottomline customers to benefit from the range of innovative API-based services available on SWIFT,” said SWIFT Global Head of Platform Partners Gaby Sulbaran in the release. “We’re delighted that the pilot has gone smoothly, and we are now ready to scale globally for the wider SWIFT user community.”

Bottomline Managing Director Daniel Bardini added in the release: “The digital roadmap in payments has accelerated in the last 12 months. It’s important we continue to lead the way with the latest offerings, like API for gpi, which we have delivered with SWIFT, so our customers stay competitive and can modernize their operations without disruption.”

In August, Bottomline debuted its Watchlist Screening program, which aims to limit false positives.

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The software can be integrated with other payments tools. It has tools to screen transactions against official sanction lists, which are published by international regulatory bodies.

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