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Citi Rolls Out Fleet Card In Europe, UK With Centralized Reporting

Citi has rolled out its new Citi Fleet Card in Europe and the United Kingdom, with a new solution that brings together a contactless-enabled card with a mobile program. Kao EMEA’s U.K. Salon division was among the first Citi customers to go online with the offering, according to a Thursday (Dec. 17) announcement.

Trudy Curtis, EMEA head of commercial cards at Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions, said in the announcement that company car drivers could historically just choose between closed-loop fuel networks. In that case, every fuel card could be used at only one brand.

“Our solution liberates them from the hassle of carrying multiple fuel cards, in the process not only saving time and money, but also reducing fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary detours searching for a specific fuel pump,” Curtis said in the announcement.

The Citi Fleet Card provides a mobile program that asks drivers to input mileage information in lieu of requiring them to enter that data at a point-of-sale (POS) device when they make payments for gas. The mobile program comes with GPS-based tracking, which lets people who drive for business set times on the app to record their trips, eliminating the paperwork connected with recording corporate travel.

For businesses, the card provides centralized reporting that brings different data sources together into one management dashboard. Citi also noted that data management tools can be smoothly connected with enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies.

Also, program managers have access to flexible controls for in-the-moment card blocking and authorization of card users, among other features. Moreover, fleet managers don’t have to contend with different fuel card companies to cover Europe and the U.K.

Citi has roughly 200 million client accounts and conducts business in more than 160 nations and jurisdictions.

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