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Credit Card App Ranking A Tale Of Big Banks And Fast FinTechs

Is there anything as awesome as a credit card? OK, lots of things, but come on. Credit cards are the penultimate payments experience that you could say started it all. They’ve lost none of their sheen over the years as a key unlocking goods, services and a world of experiences.

So deep is our zeal for credit cards that we’re debuting the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps here and now, as we track who’s on top and who’s climbing the credit card rankings.

The Top 5

Charting at No. 1 is the fully-loaded Chase Mobile app, followed at No. 2. by Bank of America Mobile Banking, with BofA recently talking up positive spending trends. At No. 3 is Capital One Mobile, with money transfer giant Wells Fargo Mobile charting at No. 4. Completing the Top 5 at No. 5 for this inaugural Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps is the Discover Mobile app.

The Top 10

Coming in at No. 6 we have the multifaceted Credit One Bank Mobile app, with the powerhouse American Express app at No. 7 as the giant experiments with social media this year. Occupying the No. 8 position is time out is the MySynchrony app, with PREMIER Credit Card grabbing the No. 9 spot. Last but certainly not least in this PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps is the Cards — Mobile Wallet that allows users to keep multiple cards in one app.

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