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Credit Card Apps Monthly Ranking Sees 8 Contenders Hold Their Positions

When looking at a credit card application, underwriters like to see consistency. Applicants who’ve been paying their bills month after month are likely to be rewarded with another card. 

It seems the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps also likes consistency. In this month’s edition, eight of the 10 top-ranked apps hold the same position they held last time. 

Only two apps have moved since last month, with one slipping two spots in the rankings and the other joining the top 10 this month, leaping to the No. 8 spot. 

Now, let’s dig into the numbers. 

The Top 5 

Topping the list is Capital One Mobile. This app was here last month and returns with a score of 100. 

Holding the second spot in the rankings is another familiar name: Chase Mobile held this position last time and is here again with a score of 93. 

Keeping up what’s looking like a trend is Bank of America Mobile Banking. This app is ranked third again — this time with a score of 91, two points higher than last month. 

At No. 4, we have another return appearance. Wells Fargo Mobile earns this spot again with a score of 88. 

Next up with a score of 81 is Discover Mobile. This spot secures the fifth position in the rankings like it did last time. 

The Top 10 

Yes, there’s definitely a trend here. Making a return appearance at No. 6 is Credit One Bank Mobile

Achieving seventh in the rankings, as it did last month, is American Express

At No. 8, we have our first change in the lineup as compared to the previous rankings. Credit card consolidation app Tally joins the top 10 with a score of 55, having added six points since last time. 

Returning to form, we have a return appearance in the ninth position. Cards — Mobile Wallet earns this spot again with a score of 54. 

In the second and final move in this month’s rankings, MySynchrony has slipped two spots and landed at No. 10. 

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