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CrossFit Launches Affiliate Partner Network

CrossFit rolled out its new CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN) as a beta launch on Tuesday (Oct. 19), according to the company’s press release.

This partner network will function as an online purchasing hub, where customers can buy from several big-name brands and encompass “a broad range of affiliate-only discounts, revenue-generating opportunities, and member acquisition programs.”

Per the release, there will be 20 popular CrossFit community brands partnering in the launch to begin with, including companies providing cleaning supplies, operating software, accounting services, beverages, apparel and more.

The program will also offer partner discounts for CrossFit gym owners ranging from 20% to 50% off, while also providing perks like footwear and apparel at lower costs.

Gary Gaines, GM of Affiliates and International for the company, said the idea “came directly from the affiliate community” as the company surveyed the best ways CrossFit Home Office could support businesses and help grow businesses.

“Working with our launch partners and additional future brands, the CrossFit APN will offer deep discounts on standard gym purchases, while offering tools and opportunities to generate additional revenue through sales to members,” he said, per the release.

In July, CrossFit signed on former Nike and Starbucks executive Jason Dunlop as its next president, which PYMNTS writes was a signal that the company was ready for the world to go back to the gym.

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Dunlop was working at Nike on the company’s D2C business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where he helped to direct store growth and digital expansion. As president of CrossFit, Dunlop is now in charge of finding growth opportunities in CrossFit’s model, which involves partnering with gyms around the country with the various workout programs.

He’ll also work on expanding the company’s education and training programs. That includes the new CrossFit OnRamp, which will help give new customers an at-home way to work out rather than going to local gyms.

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