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CSI To Invest More In B2B Ad Payments

Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) has announced that it will be spending more to boost its cloud-based services for B2B payments for advertising and media needs, a company press release says.

President David Disque called it a “key focus” for the company to help invest in media payments, which could boost speed and efficiency.

“This investment in innovation will enable CSI to continue to advance our market-leading position in media and advertising — delivering solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and bring transparency and real-time analytics to all media payments (digital, TV, outdoor, print, and radio).”

CSI works with several large media platforms and has worked with companies of all sizes for years, the release says. The company is funneling capital into product development and is rolling out more ways to maximize card spend optimization.

Liane Sanson, divisional president of media sales and operations, said the company was “launching exciting enhancements to our data analytics solution that will take actionable data to the next level for our clients and partners,” the release says.

“Our goals are to enhance the customer’s experience and provide transparency and accountability on CSI’s efforts in an interactive way,” she said, according to the release. “We plan to deliver vital data that will assist CFOs in making more informed decisions on targeting suppliers, optimizing payment mix, increasing spend, and improving cash flow.”

Disque, writing to PYMNTS earlier this year, said the most significant change made because of the pandemic has been the need to shift to digital means for payments. He said the company put a high priority on communicating clearly about the digital payments situation and the benefits of working remotely.

Disque writes that the pandemic posed difficulties with how to handle AP and AR functions, which employees typically needed to be in the office to handle. Companies began to see quickly that an ePayments program would be the safest way to go instead of sending employees into the office during a pandemic.

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