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Data Brief: 104M Consumers Have Digital Cards in Hand

In-app payments, the great digital shift and the pivot to doing everything online are driving the adoption of digital cards for everyday spending.

In a report titled “Digital Card Usage: A Path Forward,” PYMNTS and Idemia conducted a survey of more than 2,400 consumers to gain a sense of how they use digital cards to pay in-store and online.

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PYMNTS research finds that 41% of consumers have a credit or debit card in a digital format registered in one of the different available digital wallets.

The data shows that extrapolated from the responses, there are a projected 104 million consumers with cards in a digital format. And of those consumers, 47% of individuals said they were “very interested” in using digital cards in stores through the next 12 months, and 30% of digital card users like to access their cards through digital wallets.

As far as how often consumers use those digital cards, overall, roughly 46% of all consumers surveyed said they used the cards at least a few times a week, led by bridge millennials at about 54% and followed by millennials at 52%. Drilling down a bit, roughly 42.7% of all users prefer to use their digital cards to pay online at least a few times per week.

There’s room for digital card usage to grow, as a majority of respondents have said they are at least “very” comfortable using physical cards in-store.

Awareness is growing about the digital offerings themselves: About 47% of consumers said they would be highly interested in using digital cards for payments in-store through the next 12 months.

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