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Emburse Rolls Out Tallie Travel, Cards To Control SMB Spend

Expense management and accounts payable (AP) automation company Emburse has rolled out Emburse Cards and Tallie Travel to offer a simple way for clients to handle their travel and out-of-pocket expenditures, according to a Wednesday (Oct. 28) announcement.

Emburse CEO Eric Friedrichsen said in the announcement that “duty of care” and “cost control” are essential parts of any entity’s travel program as business travel resurfaces.

But he noted that small companies have had to decide between harnessing consumer cards and travel reservation systems or corporate systems that weren’t best set to meet their unique requirements for “too long.”

“With the introduction of Emburse Cards and Tallie Travel, small businesses can benefit from robust, feature-rich card and travel booking solutions designed with their requirements in mind,” Friedrichsen said in the announcement.

AmTrav, a corporate travel technology provider, fuels Tallie Travel, whose reservation system provides the ease of access and simpleness to which travelers have become accustomed with present-day digital booking systems.

The Tallie Travel platform connects with the Tallie expense system to apply an entity’s rules and reconcile transaction details without intervention. Furthermore, Tallie Travel provides a host of perks that a number of smaller entities can’t access many times, such as round-the-clock support for travel modifications, duty of care services and negotiated prices.

Emburse Cards from Tallie also provide policy controls built into the product, while one interface allows for tangible and digital cards to be simply created and managed. In addition, employee card managers can supervise spend at a detailed level. Transaction information moves without intervention into Tallie to be compared with receipts for reconciliation.

In separate news, Emburse rolled out Emburse Global Reimbursements, which is meant to help pay staffers in a less expensive and more effective manner.

The solution is partnered with TransferWise and will harness TransferWise’s own accounts to exchange international currency at the mid-market exchange rate instead of depending on the global SWIFT infrastructure.

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