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Few (Though Intriguing) Shifts In Latest Provider Ranking Of Aggregator Apps

Aggregators like to aggregate, clearly. They do it better than ever these days. And as goes the business of platform aggregators, so goes PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

In this part of the industry, as in others, we’re observing some brands settling into chart positions while others are up for grabs. On your marks … get set … rank aggregator apps.

The Top Five

It can seem a bit “clubby” at the top. Enterprise reach often rules the roost (and the rankings) – and in this case, big brands are retaining their real estate.

Taking the No. 1 spot again is DoorDash, the San Francisco treat of apps, followed by Uber Eats at No. 2 and Deliveroo at No. 3 (and thinking about an IPO).

Did you think it was going to be the same story right down the line? Think again.

With new CEO Nick Giovanni (ex-Goldman Sachs) now at the helm, Instacart jumps up one spot to No. 4 in the new Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps. That pushes grand Grubhub down one slot to No. 5, closing out the top five aggregator apps for this ranking.

The Top 10

As we move to other contenders, the Just Eat app is just fine at No. 6, same as last time, as are Zomato at No. 7, Glovo at No. 8 and Postmates at No. 9 – right where we left all of them.

There was just one change in the bottom half of the top 10 this go-round, but it’s meaningful in that we have a new name: Australia’s and New Zealand’s new favorite aggregator app is Menulog, used by franchises including McDonald’s and KFC, entering the top 10 at No. 10 for the first time. That does it for this edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

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