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Fitness App Competition Not Playing Games In Latest Provider Ranking

PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps is more of a math workout, as some beefy and well-toned brands flex their digital delts and feel the burn of connected exercise in 2021.

In what should be the quotidian world of workouts, we all skip leg day. In fact, we haven’t moved — at all — from our station at the Provider Ranking Particle Collider & Veggie Burger Test Kitchen since last year. It was snowing. Folks had masks. It’s kind of a blur.

Oh, right. We ate constantly. Don’t scoff. Fact: Chewing alone burns up to 10 calories.

That all leads us to this ranking, both inspirational and aspirational at once, as exercise nearly always is. Get your heart rate up and join us for a sprint through the newest fitness scores.

The Top Five

Market positioning is so very important. Just ask the new No. 1 around here, Planet Fitness Workouts, looking buff on reports of improvement in the fitness sector.

There’s a tie at No. 2, as My Fitness Pal climbs up a spot to cohabitate for the moment with the Strava: Run, Ride, Swim app, which drops two spots from its No. 1 perch last cycle.

Up one spot and carbo-loading at No. 3 is the Workouts by Muscle Booster app (love their logo). And while we’re congratulating companies — looking good at No. 4 is FitCoach, pushing through and gaining two positions to enter the top five at No. 4. Have a protein shake. Our treat.

Unchanged at No. 5 this month is FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans, keeping itself in good shape with that upper chart strength that takes dedication to attain, much less keep.

The Top 10

Speaking of attaining goals, Nike Training Club just did, benching two chart positions in one cycle to grab No. 6 this time out.

When you work out, everyone wins. A perfect example at No. 7 this month (and up a spot to make it) is the Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker app.

Falling a spot to No. 8 is the popular Map My Run by Under Armour app, just taking its own route through the rankings, as do they all.

Nothing new at No. 9, as Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter takes it in a carefully measured walk for the second consecutive cycle. Walk on.

At No. 10 once again it’s the Workout for Women: Fitness App “for female-focused workouts, fitness and better health.” Great attitude. That’s how an app climbs these rankings.

Now, go to any app store you like, and do some crunches. We’ll do reps for the next Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps.

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