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Fitness App Provider Ranking Burns Carbs, Assigns Scores, All for Max Toning

Not feeling like yourself? Remote work draining your life force? Sagging in your seat?

We suggest a fitness app. Sounds like you need it. In a larger sense, don’t we all?

Nobody said pandemics and never leaving the house was good for your health, because that would be crazy. And a body at rest tends to remain at rest, which is very relaxing, but does nothing for your quads, delts and other muscle groups with less catchy truncations.

It’s why we do the Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps each month. Yes, of course it’s partly for the money (seriously?), but it’s also because we care so much. Maybe even too much.

Take this latest update, for example. It’s all fun and games for the reader, but a lot of heavy lifting goes on behind the scenes — especially when apps shift around, as they have here.

Get your favorite hoodie and let’s go for a run through the rankings. Remember to hydrate.

The Top 5

Last month this space was tangled with tied scores, like, all over the place. Things have evened out some, positions have consolidated as they tend to do, but it’s still hotly competitive.

Where last month there was a tie for No. 1, it’s tied no more as the Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter takes it in a walk. Or a step. We’re not sure, but there is sweat involved. Plus, the app gives “0.95 sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps [you] take outdoors. That digital currency can be traded for fitness gear, gift cards and workout classes in the app’s marketplace.” Awesome.

Dropping a spot to No. 2 it’s everyone’s fitness pal, the My Fitness Pal app.

We didn’t say there would be no ties, and here’s the first. At No. 3 we find Strava: Run, Ride, Swim which was already so ranked, now met by friendly Planet Fitness Workouts down one chart position from last month. They’ll get along nicely.

Beefy Workouts By Muscle Booster won’t be pushed from its No. 4 position. Just try it, pal.

Another tie from last cycle disappears, leaving the FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans app all alone at No. 5. Bet they’re feeling pretty pleased with themselves about it. We certainly would be.

The Top 10

Kicking off the rest of the Top 10 we begin with the Fitness Coach & Diet: FitCoach app, dropping one spot to No. 6 — long viewed as one of the most respected chart positions.

Also falling a spot this cycle is the Nike Training Club app, residing for now at No. 7.

Things get a little tougher when you’re winded, which may help explain Map My Run By Under Armour dropping two spots to No. 8. In reality it was their score, not their breathing.

Tumbling three chart positions since last cycle to grab No. 9 it’s the Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker app. Up one, down four, doesn’t matter — this app charts every time.

Now, neatly bookending the Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps we leave you with one tie more.

At No. 10 this month we have Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer down a spot, tied with the Workout For Women: Fitness App plummeting three spots since last cycle.

Let’s go, workout women. Get out those smartphones. It’s always leg day around here — which everyone hates — so maybe we’ll just do some yoga and have a glass of wine. Good plan.

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