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Fractal, Gaming NFT Platform Launched by Twitch Co-Founder, Raises $35M in Seed Round

Fractal, a gaming NFT marketplace, has been doing well, CoinDesk writes.

Fractal raised $35 million in a seed round, the report notes. The platform was rolled out last December by Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch.

It’s been used as a marketplace for players to buy Solana-based NFTs straight from game companies.

It also works as a secondary market for P2P trading.

According to Kan, since the platform’s launch, any game partnered with Fractal’s new “launchpad” has sold out its NFT drop. One of them hit 33,000 unique buyers.

“There’s always been lots of hype around NFTs, but what investors are now seeing is that it’s actually durable,” Kan told CoinDesk in an interview. “Even if it’s a bear market, even if the prices might go down, the idea that people want to collect digital assets on the internet, that’s going to stay. Digital items in gaming, it’s like a new category of eCommerce basically.”

Money has reportedly been good for play-to-earn gaming, even in spite of some of the hype dying down. There were notable investments in March such as a $25 million raise for C2X, a Terra-based gaming platform, and a $4.8 million round for Battlebound, a blockchain gaming startup.

PYMNTS wrote that, in other NFT-related news, marketplace OpenSea is working with MoonPay to allow for direct credit card payments, intended to allow for NFT buying.

Read more: OpenSea Teams with MoonPay for NFT Credit Card Payments

This will open doors for investors who don’t own crypto to buy in.

Those who want to buy, sell, trade and collect NFTs will be able to pay with a variety of payment methods without having to convert to specific cryptocurrencies.

The methods will be able to be used for all sales on the OpenSea platform.

Debit cards are currently accepted as payment, but users are still required to connect to a digital wallet – but with the MoonPay partnership, this will be simplified, and no crypto or wallet will be needed.

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