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FutureProof, Australia’s Wolki Farm Open Store Run Via App

High tech’s future has arrived in Australia — with the opening of a Wolki Farm store that has no employees on the shop floor. Instead, customers use FutureProof Retail’s “Scan & Go” technology to shop and check out, the companies said in a press release today.

First, potential customers have to download FutureProof’s “Express Checkout” app and then enter the store with a PIN, or personal identification number. Next up: Customers scan their items with the app, bag their items and pay in the app to complete their purchase.

There’s no cash register — and no waiting in line. Customers can get specials in the app and see their total at any time, the release said.

Other types of technology are key to making the whole thing work.

The release said that “to secure the store, Wolki uses an airlock with two doors so only one customer can enter the store at a time as well as video cameras, microphones and speakers so the store can be monitored remotely and customers can still ask questions.”

“FPR’s Scan & Go is the perfect solution for a small store such as our butchery. There was no upfront cost, and it was operational in a few days,” said Jacob Wolki, owner of Wolki Farm. He added that the app is easy to use.

FPR’s Scan & Go solution can be deployed in any store format and works for large supermarkets small food markets. FutureProof said its technology is already available at many retail chains and standalone stores in North America, Europe and Asia.

“Wolki Farm is a perfect example of how (businesses) that cannot afford to fully staff their store can utilize Scan & Go to allow their customers to shop anytime, 24/7, which adds a competitive edge,” said Di Di Chan, president of FutureProof Retail. “Wolki Farm’s members immediately adopted shopping with our Express Checkout app.”

FutureProof has also helped introduce new technology for New York City’s Fairway Market.

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