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Gabb Wireless Launches Smartwatch For Kids

The child-friendly tech company Gabb Wireless announced the launch of the Gabb Watch on Tuesday (June 15). It is a smartwatch for kids that also serves as a phone and GPS tracker. This new product follows the release of Gabb’s Z2 smartphone for kids.

The Gabb Watch will become available for pre-order starting on June 30, with shipments expected by the end of July. Designed for kids who need to stay connected with family and friends by phone, the Gabb Watch comes with unlimited talk and voice messaging capabilities.

“Our mission is to provide safe tech for kids,” said Gabb CEO and Founder Stephen Dalby. “The expansion of Gabb is focused on safety and connection for every family member. Kids who might not be ready for a Gabb Phone now have the Gabb Watch as an option. The Gabb Watch is the right first step.”

The watch, which will sell for $99.99, comes with safety features that include calling, voice messaging and pre-set text capabilities, a custom contact list with no chance for outside calls and texts, SOS/emergency contact and customizable safe zones.

Gabb said the watch “provides solutions to the dangers of the current youth-technology dilemma” at a time when the typical tween spends as much as seven hours in front of a screen every day. The company points to studies suggesting a connection between excessive screen time and/or social media activity and this generation’s rise in anxiety, depression, suicide and sexual abuse among adolescents.

“To combat this growing concern, Gabb Wireless has taken on the mission to provide safe tech for kids, protecting them from cyberbullying, inappropriate internet content, screen-time addiction and online predators,” Gabb said in its news release.

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