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Gig Apps Keeping Working Through Pandemic

America’s job market was firing on all cylinders, until suddenly it wasn’t. Now it’s 10 months gone to COVID — along with a few million jobs — and folks are looking for work.

Smartphone apps are the new office headhunters, filling spots on the fly in ways that are to be applauded. PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Gig Apps reflects both stability and dynamism at play as we examine the latest ranking of gig work apps.

The Top Five

Hate to be a bore, but what can one do when nobody — not one single app — gave up its position in the top five of gig apps since last month? Considering the power group forming at the top of this ranking, the gig app space is turning into a land of the giants.

As we said, the top five is unchanged, placing DoorDash at No. 1 and Uber Driver at No. 2, both of which have rolled out new fees to offset expenses related to additional worker benefits. Instacart holds at No. 3, as does feature-laden Fiverr at No. 4 and the Amazon Flex indie contractor app toiling away at No. 5.

The Top 10

Now that the current big dogs have been dealt with, let’s talk movers and shakers.

Gig app Upwork rises two spots to take the No. 6 position, having recently reported strong numbers, followed by Australia’s Freelancer app dropping one spot to land at No. 7. In this latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Apps, we find Grubhub rising two positions to snag No. 8, with hardworking TaskRabbit holding its ground at No. 9. Closing out this latest ranking at No. 10 is rideshare giant Lyft, falling three spots to land at No. 10.

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