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Investments In Retail And Digital Payments

Neiman Marcus Group is making investments in its supply chain, technology, merchandise and staff. In gas station retail, fuel is a razor-thin business for convenience store chains and independents, but is also a gateway to more profitable merchandise sold inside. And in payment methods, shoppers tend to favor credit cards online and other options like digital wallets over debit cards, while nonprofits are turning to digital payments, online fundraisers and other tools to keep donations coming in. All this, Today in Data.


$85M: Gross amount Neiman Marcus Group is investing in its supply chain, particularly systems and fulfillment hubs.

63.7%: Share of all U.S. gasoline sales made at convenience stores.

55%: Portion of donors from 113 countries who favor giving online via payment cards.

45%: Share of U.S. consumers who have shifted to digital shopping channels for retail products.

16%: Net increase in online use of credit cards since the pandemic began.

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