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Latest Coupon App Provider Ranking Potentially Saving Zillions

“Coupon-clipping.” It’s lost all meaning in the digital-first epoch. Time was you could lose an eye running with scissors cutting coupons along the dotted line, then to be arranged in little pouches like portable filing cabinets. Serious couponing types were frankly quite … serious.

Ever watch an episode of “Extreme Couponing” or its hardcore third season, “Extreme Couponing: All-Stars”? Those folks were not playing around in the slightest. Fights broke out.

In honor of those ruthless couponers now making the digital shift (hand over the scissors if you don’t mind), we present the latest edition of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps.

The Top 5

Coupon apps save. Energy. Because they don’t move very far or very often. Witness.

Still reigning at No. 1 is Groupon and its new personalized user experiences, followed as last month by PayPal’s Honey Smart Shopping Assistant at No. 2, and the much-loved Ibotta cashback app in its customary position at No. 3.

Weekly offers and deals app Flipp isn’t budging from No. 4.

Closing out the Top 5 at No. 5 is the good (robot) doctor, which is to say the GoodRX prescription price tracking app, providing valuable drug coupons medication discounts. Incidentally, the company’s Q1 revenue was up 20 percent YoY, north of $160 million.

The Top 10

We all need a buddy, and for drivers, the best kind to have is GasBuddy, the app that’s been doing an endless tank top-off at No. 6 for what seems like time out of mind. As March ended use of Pay with GasBuddy rose to over one million people for the first time, and with gas prices on their way up — way, way up — this app stands to make a lot of new friends in 2021.

There at No. 7 for another cycle is the popular Rakuten app, which recently raised $2.2 billion on issuance of shares to Walmart, Tencent and Japan Post.

Here’s a jumper: the RetailMeNot app leaps up two chart positions from last month to snag the No. 8 spot.

Another surprise here at the bottom of the new Top 10 Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps is the ShopSavvy deal scanner app, materializing at No. 9 for the first time. Welcome to the show.

Dropping to chart positions but staying in the Top 10 at No. 10 this time out is and its focus on mobile and loyalty card promotions.

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