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Latest Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps Takes Temperature of a Sector

You can’t be too healthy, nor can you be too “tele-healthy.” Allow us to explain.

Sure, there are times when you must be in the same room with your physician. Major surgery leaps to mind, although that’s not 100% accurate as some “tele-surgeries” do occur. That’s for a future ranking we haven’t invented yet, so let’s stick to diagnostics and support apps.

The latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps packs a few surprises, which itself is surprising among this earnest group of highly qualified telemed providers. But chart positions can come and go like a nurse quietly taking one’s vital signs, and that’s on tap this cycle.

Lab coats on as we make the rounds through the new ranking.

The Top 5

Still at No. 1 these many months is the MyTeleMed, HIPAA compliant and doing well.

At No. 2 — the office next door, as it were — the Teladoc app still hangs its shingle.

We’ve got a tie at No. 3 as Doctor On Demand, already so-ranked, makes room for K Health | Primary Care moving up one chart position.

Continuing now with telemedicine apps that haven’t moved, we’ve got BetterHelp: Online Counseling & Therapy holding it down at No. 4, as they did last cycle.

At No. 5 it was and still is MDLIVE, which just entered the Top 5 last month. Well done.

The Top 10

Here’s something unexpected. Catapulting into the Top 10 at No. 6 this month it’s the HealthTap — 24/7 Telemedicine with free patient texting to primary care physicians. Cool.

Up two chart positions since last cycle it’s the LiveHealth Online Mobile app taking No. 7, and a very tidy gain it is.

The Vsee Clinic For Patient is unchanged at No. 8. This one never fails to chart.

At No. 9 and down a spot in the process it’s Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors.

Taking us out on a tumble of three chart positions since last month it’s the InTouch Patient app at No. 10, completing our rounds for this Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps.

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