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LiveArea Debuts FastTrack Commerce For B2B eCommerce

Global customer experience and commerce agency LiveArea has launched FastTrack Commerce in the U.K. to provide technology and services for quick eCommerce integration, according to a press release.

The new product will reduce the time it takes to implement the SAP Commerce Cloud by up to 40 percent, the release stated, and cut customer onboarding time in half. FastTrack, as such, has everything a company needs to build a B2B commerce solution, according to LiveArea.

The tech involves numerous pre-built accessories like data feed integrations to simplify and hasten the adding of pricing, inventory and catalogue information, along with quick-order capabilities, order management system integration, a content delivery network, tax calculation and advanced analytics, including search engine optimization, ratings and reviews.

“As more B2B companies look to deliver B2C experiences through digital channels, they need access to accelerators such as our FastTrack Commerce that can address this customer-driven imperative, quickly and cost effectively,” said Paul Lynch, area vice president and managing director of LiveArea EMEA, according to the release. “FastTrack Commerce reduces complexity, speeds implementation and minimizes risk and cost for B2B companies ready to deploy an enterprise-class platform for a fixed price and in a short timeframe.”

The digital shift of B2B payments came as the pandemic forced companies to do more work than ever on digital platforms rather than in person. The shift caused, for some, a reckoning over the continued use of paper checks, which has been a long-held staple of B2B. But as checks sat unopened in envelopes in offices no one was using and slowed down payments, a change was needed.

Vaibhav Dabhade, founder and CEO of Anchanto, told told PYMNTS that the eCommerce explosion has done wonders for B2B. He said the pandemic has driven home for many sellers the importance of having infrastructure in place to handle bigger order volumes.

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