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Logistics FinTech RoadSync Links Comdata’s Mobile Payments Suite With Checkout Platform

Comdata has partnered with digital logistics FinTech provider RoadSync to enhance mobile payments for warehouses, distribution centers and similar places, according to a press release.

This comes amid a supply chain crisis, which is making it more difficult for shipments and payments to go through for logistics companies.

Comdata’s Fleet Cards and Comcheks will be used in conjunction with RoadSync Checkout to streamline routine business expense payments for truckers and carriers, the release stated. They can also transfer funds directly and process payments from anywhere.

RoadSync will also enable drivers to access better ways to pay for maintenance and roadside assistance, according to the release. And it offers digital receipt capture.

“The industry’s extensive use of manual payment processes has been a long-standing roadblock to operational efficiency,” said Comdata President Eric Dowdell in the release. “Now, with so many shortages and delays, creating operational efficiencies with digital solutions is even more critical to the longevity and success of the logistics sector. This partnership will enable fleet service providers to close the gaps caused by external supply chain bottlenecks to save time and improve their bottom line.”

Meanwhile, RoadSync CEO Robin Gregg said in the release that having connected financial solutions and quick payments “is critical to efficiency and cash flow for logistics companies.”

In September, RoadSync teamed with FYX Fleet, which has a network for fleet roadside assistance, in a bid to simplify the way payments can be accepted in roadside assistance transactions.

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The goal is to simplify payment acceptance for payers and merchants in roadside assistance transactions.

FYX will offer customers a way to pay directly through RoadSync, allowing invoices to be texted straight to the customer, who can pay via any method. RoadSync then completes the transaction with the provider after the payment goes through, making sure the payment is completed in a speedy manner.

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