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Medline, InComm Payments Team To Streamline OTC Purchases For Managed Care Plans

Healthcare company Medline and payments technology company InComm Payments are teaming up to improve the experience of managed care health plan members buying over-the-counter (OTC) products, according to a press release.

The partnership will focus on making more flexible ways to pay for OTC items, such as first aid, home diagnostics, personal care, medications, and bath safety, the release stated. Health plan members can use a pre-loaded OTC Network card to buy products covered by their insurance plan. Members will be able to pay through the Medline at-home eCommerce site, in person at stores or over the phone.

Pat Twohig, vice president of Medline Homecare and Managed Care, said in the release that the partnership is intended to make healthcare easier.

“We’re seeing health insurance providers put greater focus on going beyond a transactional relationship with their members and implementing programs that drive consumer loyalty,” he said in the release. “By partnering with an innovative technology company like InComm Payments, we can make it easier for health plan members to get their products quickly and create a positive experience that helps insurance providers continue growing their member base.”

InComm Payments Executive Vice President Brian Parlotto said in the release: “Our OTC Network continues to gain popularity among health plan members, who appreciate how easily they can receive and spend their benefits dollars, and among health plans, who see a reduction in healthcare spending through improved member outcomes. In partnering with Medline, we’re increasing the efficiency and convenience with which health plan members can access the healthcare products that keep them healthy and happy in the short- and long-term.”

In related news, InComm announced a partnership with Flexa earlier this month, to allow merchants better ways to accept digital currency. Those who were already connected with InComm will be able to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“As digital currencies grow in popularity and rapidly gain consumer adoption, it’s crucial for retailers to keep up with a broad range of payments options,” InComm Payments President Stefan Happ said at the time.

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