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Mobile Order-Ahead Apps Delectably Steadfast

It’s utterly fascinating to track the pathways of consumer payments tech.

Yes, we’re data nerds at PYMNTS.

Take the sizzling mobile order-ahead space. It almost seems that brands are staking out turf in the latest Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, as ambitious chart-climbers fight their way to the top, or as near the top as possible. We call these apps “MOA” for short.

October’s ranking is another study in the steadiness of MOA app tech and payments — something the entire sector should be pleased about — with one or two noteworthy changes.

The Top 5

It’s impossible to not like Domino’s Pizza (even a foodie will admit this, if pressed) and our latest Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps proves it, with Domino’s again at No. 1. Dunkin’ isn’t running from its familiar No. 2 position, nor is Starbucks at No. 3.

Comparing last month’s ranking this one, you will notice that Chick-fil-A, now at No. 4, has traded places with Burger King, rounding out the Top 5 at No. 5 for our latest MOA ranking.

The Top 10

If you read up to here hoping for some action, sorry to disappoint. We’d love to go off about “dramatic shifts” and “incredible jumps” because frankly, it makes good copy. PYMNTS Provider Rankings are emotionless, however, so we’ve got only more stability to report.

Since last month not a single MOA app in the lower-half of the Top 10 has budged from its position. For example, No. 6 ranked Taco Bell just launched an e-gifting option for the holidays, while Chipotle, at No. 7 again, is adding quiz games to its app for fun and profit. No. 8 Panera Bread was a lockdown favorite and remains so, while popular WingStop at No. 9 flies on. Finishing out the Top 10 at No. 10 once again is Pizza Hut, dubbed by some as “the pandemic power meal.”

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