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MSTS Launches B2B Invoice Payments On BigCommerce

B2B payment and credit solutions company MSTS has rolled out its InvoiceMe extension for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital commerce platform BigCommerce, according to a Monday (Oct. 26) announcement.

The extension is an alternative payment offering inside MSTS’s Credit-as-a-Service infrastructure that connects with BigCommerce and lets retailers automate invoicing as well as the extension of credit terms for corporate clients.

“InvoiceMe further simplifies the purchasing process by providing B2B-specific checkout APIs, incorporating purchase orders and invoice notes,” MSTS President Brandon Spear said in the announcement. “This cohesive customer experience is why many enterprises are taking advantage of the plug-in on BigCommerce’s platform.”

Merchants can provide the InvoiceMe payment choice at checkout with the extension. As a result, B2B purchasers can transact through an invoice.

Purchasers looking to buy through credit can ask for and get approval “within less than 30 seconds,” according to the announcement, which noted that they can finish the transaction in one session. The multi-currency platform can provide automated net terms as high as $250,000.

MSTS said the plug-in takes away lengthy back-end accounts receivable (AR) procedures, such as customer service, collection and billing, and it preserves working capital while offering “risk-free credit to buyers online,” according to the announcement.

MSTS helps allow for $6 billion in transactions annually in 17 currencies for clients in over 190 nations. The firm focuses on payment and credit management for B2B firms throughout marketplaces, online shopping, retail, manufacturing and distribution and transportation.

Its Credit-as-a-Service offering is a collection of services and programs that helps allow for B2B payments by extending terms, dealing with invoicing and supervising collections.

The news comes as Zoovu, which works in conversational search, has teamed with BigCommerce on novel no-code product finders to help clients locate things. Conversational search means a user can speak a sentence into a device, which can reply with a full sentence.

Zoovu and Big Commerce’s offering will work on “framework and tools to ensure every customer can find the products they are looking for,” according to a past press release.

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