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NebulARC Launches SaaS Solution To Boost Shipment Tracking

Logistics software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform NebulARC has rolled out a new computer vision and 3D tracking service to help shippers monitor and track shipments in real time, a column by the company in The Times reads.

The new solutions would help to do away with human error and improve efficiency by 25 percent, according to the company.

“We have designed a one-stop solution that is tailored to meet the needs of our customers,” CEO and Co-founder Alok Sharma said in the column. “Besides unlocking the challenges in ecommerce, retail and B2B logistics, we have always been focused on solving the complexities in the shipping industry.”

Sharma said the company believes “that the current challenging time has acted as an accelerator for digitizing the industry,” per the column.

The reasoning for the new technology is that slow decision-making can hold businesses back. NebulARC can offer its new tech to help bolster insights for day-to-day operations for shippers, and optimizing yard management to help with capacity planning, according to the firm.

The tech “is expected to reduce man hours, eliminate risks and accidents in man-to-machine interactions, and increase overall efficiency by over 25 percent,” the company said.

Shipping and logistics, like other industries, felt the blowback of the COVID-19 pandemic, PYMNTS wrote in March. Lionel van der Walt, president and CEO of the Americas for freight payments company PayCargo, told PYMNTS that shippers and freight forwarders had been affected by the cancellations of airline flights that they’d become used to as a way to do their jobs.

He said the demand for capacity was greater than the availability, which could have make it a scramble for shippers to connect to airlines.

Van der Walt said the long-term impact of the virus will come with lower payment volumes and vendors holding back trade capital to help shore up capital. Van der Walt said the necessity for the future would come from collaboration and open systems.

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