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Netflix to Debut ‘Stranger Things’ Experience, Pop-Up Stores in NYC, LA

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Fans of the Netflix show “Stranger Things” will be able to visit a Netflix-launched pop-up store as of Saturday (Nov. 6), Variety reported.

There will be two shops: one in New York City’s Times Square and the other at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles, according to the report. They’ll allow fans to shop for merchandise from the show as well as take related pictures.

Merchandise will include the Elegorgon, a vinyl piece done by Chogrin, an Ecuadorian artist, depicting the show’s popular character Eleven mashed up with one of its demogorgon monsters., the report stated.

There will be General Mills “Stranger Things” cereal coming with ’80s-style boxes appropriate for the show’s fictional world, according to the report. And there will be collectible Bandai action figures, including 16-inch demogorgons with interchangeable heads, as well as customizable apparel stations and more.

Visitors will be able to take pictures with a demogorgon in the show’s “Upside Down” universe, or at the Hawkins Middle School Snowball Dance, the Starcourt Mall, the Russian Lab or Joyce’s House — all for a limited time. There will also be games available, the report stated.

The stores are being produced by Netflix, and store operations will be handled by Three Ten Merchandise Services, according to the report. The stores were designed by Black Sky Creative.

In other Netflix-related news, a cryptocurrency based on the “Squid Game” TV show has seemingly proven to be a scam as the creators cashed out and disappeared.

Read more: Creators of Squid Crypto Cash Out; Investors Lose $2M

The SQUID crypto was trading at $0 as of Monday (Nov. 1), and the creators had essentially stolen $2.1 million from investors.

The crypto based on the show — which is a critique on wealth inequality — had hit $2,861 and had a market cap of over $2 million in the last days of October.

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