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New BNPL Provider Ranking Looks Familiar — Even as a New Name Enters the Top 10

We all settle into patterns. This coffee shop. That streaming app. A third thing we can’t think of right now. But you get the point. Behaviors become engrained — and surprisingly quickly, too.

This point is made whenever we do the Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps. Millions have spoken by choosing one BNPL app over another, and our tracking shows that once chosen, the top-ranked apps stay that way — unless and until something better comes along.

While there have been some wild announcements in the BNPL space lately, it’s not rankling the ranks. Not yet, anyway. We’ll see what happens in the coming months, but for now, let’s examine the BNPL apps that have snapped up ranking real estate, showing little signs of major change.

The Top Five

Our two tied titans prevail at No. 1 for another cycle, those being Afterpay (which just did a cool deal with PetSmart) and Klarna (which just did a cool deal with Vivid Seats on events).

Those two always have something happening, which helps explain their No. 1 status.

Affirm is firm at No. 2, fresh from its own events pact with

At No. 3 we still have QuadPay, owned by BNPL star Zip but still freestanding (for now).

Time-travel plots are notoriously confusing, as evidenced by every other film currently streaming — but here, at the present time, FuturePay is still ranked at No. 4.

The Sezzle app holds its ground at No. 5 for another cycle. It’s going over big with what PYMNTS researchers have termed “second-chance consumers.” In fact, we’ve studied it thoroughly, and highly recommend you have a look (but not until you’ve finished reading this ranking).

The Top 10

Crossing into the lower echelon of the Top 10, we begin with a tie.

Locking horns at No. 6 this cycle are the Laybuy and Paidy apps, the latter of which was just snapped up by PayPal for a cool $2.7 billion. Wonder if they’re paying in installments.

At No. 7, it’s the Zip Pay app — the aforementioned owner of QuadPay —- and its interest-free POS credit value prop. Should the two apps become one, that’ll make room for others in this space.

Buzzing along at No. 8, it’s the Humm app for another cycle. Another ranking regular there.

Is it lazy to keep your same chart position from one month to the next? Not if your app stays in the top 10 of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps. That’s our way of telling you that LazyPay app is keeping its No. 9 spot warm for another cycle. Actually, it takes work.

Always happy to see a new face on the scene, and this time it’s the Brighte app, which markets itself as a zero-interest payments solution “for energy-conscious home improvements.”

We’re not 100% certain what that means, but we like the sound of it. Welcome to the top 10.

Remember to shut off the lights when you’re done with the rankings.

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