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New Cloud-Based Card-Issuing System Aims To Standardize Payments Security

Entrust, an identities, payments and data protection firm based in Minneapolis, on Monday (Oct. 19) announced that its Sigma Instant Desktop Issuance product will set “the standard for simple, secure and smart instant-ID solutions across enterprise, healthcare, government, higher education and financial institutions (FIs).” According to a press release, Sigma provides “a secure, cloud-based, direct-to-card ID desktop issuance solution.”

The Entrust website describes the company as “the leader in credit card production systems.” Entrust said it secures the websites used by customers for card production, and that it has “more products and services that keep the world moving” in that sector.

One challenge for companies is maintaining “a safe and secure flow of data – including the data stored on physical credentials.” That also applies to identity and access management professionals looking for a printing solution.

Entrust said in the release that “the connection and data sent between software and the printer are secure and encrypted. Sigma printers do not store customer data after successful printing is complete.”

“Whether your requirements demand an integrated, secure, on-premises solution or a system that can grow with a distributed workforce via a secure, cloud-hosted” setup, Entrust’s Sigma can meet any company’s needs, said Joe Franco, director of sales at Capture Technologies, an Entrust channel partner.

Entrust noted that Sigma’s products “deliver a seamless user experience across the issuance process for desktop and mobile printing needs.” The company added that Sigma “eliminates the frustrations of printer setup (with) an out-of-the-box implementation that takes less than 30 minutes for users to begin issuing identities.” Entrust says it has customers in more than 150 countries, as well as a network of partners around the world.

As for the nation’s credit card industry, some lenders have tightened credit lines while others are introducing new cards. It’s all part of dealing with the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. All the while, security is a paramount need.

There are concerns that the millions of unemployed in the U.S. could max out their credit cards and then default — but there may be opportunities, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

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