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New Credit Card App Ranking Rankles Some, Rewards Others

Banking apps are having their day in the sun. We’re happy for them. Yes, they generally need better features and finer transaction controls. Be that as it may, we simply adore them.

We can’t think of a nicer note on which to open PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps. This one is close to our hearts, you see, as we harbor profound feelings for credit.

Sorry to get all emotional. Be a pal, hand us a hanky, and let’s just run down the new rankings.

The Top 5

We’ve got changes this cycle, and that’s saying something for a ranking that moves but little.

At No. 1 it’s still Capital One Mobile which simply will not surrender that spot. To the winner …

Solid as the rock beneath the island of Manhattan is Chase Mobile at No. 2 for another cycle.

Kind of a big deal as the Wells Fargo Mobile app rises one spot to snag No. 3, pushing mighty Bank of America Mobile Banking down one spot to No. 4 this month.

That was news, but this is newsier: entering the Top 5 at No. 5 for the first time is the Credit One Bank Mobile app, carried aloft no doubt by its many features.

Welcome to the Top 5. The Wi-fi password is “apps” because sometimes we’re unimaginative.

The Top 10

Changeups continue below the Top 5 line as Discover Mobile drops one chart position to No. 6.

American Express is seated at No. 7 where it’s been for a while — nothing wrong with consistency in the app-verse. The company just announced that it is reopening the new Centurion Lounge at New York’s LaGuardia Airport in a positive sign of travel’s recovery.

Similarly, the MySynchrony app is composed at No. 8 — no change there either.

Don’t tune out just yet. The new Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps has not one but two (2) final surprises to cap another thrilling edition.

Up first is the PREMIER Credit Card app, hoisting up one spot to take No. 9 this time out.

Then there’s the Cards — Mobile Wallet app reentering the Top 10 at No. 10 after an absence.

As we’ve said before, you can’t keep a good mobile banking app down. What kind of monster would? It matters not. The Provider Ranking Police may nap a lot and take personal days anytime their cat exhibits ennui (insert “eye roll” emoji), but nothing gets past them. Honest.

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