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New Hyundai EV Lets Drivers Pay On The Go

Hyundai has put a number of features into its IONIQ 5 electric vehicle, including an in-car payment system.

The system will allow drivers to access in-car credit card payment capabilities through the car’s infotainment screen, according to the carmaker’s Monday (May 24) announcement,

Hyundai says in-car payments will be available with all major brands, letting drivers find and pay for electric vehicle charging, find and reserve a parking space and order and pay for meals and coffee on the go.

The IONIQ 5 is also Hyundai’s first vehicle offering over-the-air wireless updates for maps and multimedia software, a feature that will be available for free twice each year, in April and October. The new model also features an upgraded version of Hyundai’s Bluelink connected car services that lets drivers do things like track their battery life and find nearby charging stations.

“IONIQ 5 introduces the Hyundai brand to a whole new set of buyers,” said José Muñoz, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “Once behind the steering wheel, they are going to be shocked by the range, power, comfort, interior space and advanced technology. Owning one is going to be a new experience and lifestyle that only the IONIQ brand can provide.”

With in-car payments, Hyundai is tapping into an untapped market. As reported last year in the PYMNTS How We Pay commuter survey, only 30 percent of consumers own a “connected car,” compared to the 90 percent who own a smartphone. The study also found that the more people commuted, the more connected they wanted to be. Commuters used 80 percent more connected devices than non-commuters to multitask with commerce with on the go.

Last fall, Hyundai revealed it had invested, with GM, in a British self-driving vehicle startup.

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