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New Names Materialize In Latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking Of Cryptocurrency Apps

It is without irony that we say crypto can seem cryptic. That being so, we set out to demystify at least who’s looming large in the world of digital money with the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

Howsoever current events conclude — in incorruptible digital dollars or a history-making speculative bubble — crypto is in the crosshairs either way. This latest ranking is rousing in the names appearing and disappearing, rising and falling, literally by the month, in this vibrant and dynamic sector bursting with trade and the enabling tech behind a whole new economy.

Lots of moving pieces this month, so keep your arms and legs inside the gondola at all times.

The Top 5

The three-way tie at No. 1 between Binance, Coinbase and persists as these power player slug it out for primacy but can’t seem to break the tie at the top. Maybe next time.

Ready for another three-way tie? This time it’s at No. 2 between BitMart app skyrocketing five chart positions in one month to tie at No. 2 with Gemini — impressively rising four spots itself since last cycle — and the KuCoin app up one, all to confab at No. 2. Keep an eye on that.

The Voyager app falls one spot to No. 3 this month, but having just raised $167 million they’re doing just fine, sticking near as possible to the top of the charts.

Blockchain Wallet is up a spot to No. 4 this time out.

Down one but staying in the Top 5 at No. 5 is the Kraken Pro app which launched its mobile app in the U.S. in June. We’d normally say something like “welcome to the Top 5” but they were already here, with a key to the secret snack closet and everything. Talk about trust.

The Top 10

Continuing along, it’s the Huobi cryptocurrency app at No. 6 this cycle on a rise of two chart positions since last month.

Jetting in from Malta and straight into No. 7 this month is the OKEx app. Nicely done.

Also new is BlockFi at No. 8, flying into the Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps this month after not charting last cycle. Keep watching these fast-moving chart-makers in coming months.

At No. 9 it’s CEX.IO rising one spot to get there, making recent headlines for doubling down on authentication in onboarding to make blockchain more secure.

Taking us out at is another new name, and that name is ProBit Global entering the Top 10 at No. 10. We count 14 apps in the Top 10 for those playing the home version. That’s value.

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