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New Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps an Eternity of Eats in One Go

People have to eat. It’s basic human biology. How we get that food has changed over eons, from having roast mastodon delivered to caves to the modern era — fresh out of mastodon.

Not to worry, because there’s plenty to choose from when perusing PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

This month it’s an absolute feast of aggregator apps, with new names swooping in and old friends stopping back. Like a festive lunch or dinner, but on your smartphone.

There’s a lot to digest here, so we’d better cut the chit-chat and dig in.

The Top 5

When we say “there’s a lot to digest” we don’t mean the Top 5. That mountaintop has the same composition as the last few cycles, with big brands dominating in a big way.

We’ve got Doordash at No. 1, a spot it staked out some time ago and hasn’t budged since.

Right behind at No. 2 it’s Uber Eats with its new in-app specialty stores.

Were you expecting someone other than Deliveroo at No. 3? Hope not. It’s all theirs.

In the grocery groove at No. 4, it’s still Instacart, cutting deals left and right this year.

Finishing the Top 5 at No. 5 is the Just Eat app, still just eating at its favorite spot.

The Top 10

Having made short work of that, we now prepare a more substantial meal. There’s a lot of changes to get through below the Top 5 line this time out.

We begin with a tie at No. 6, this time between go-go Grubhub which already held that spot, now welcoming Indian restaurant aggregator Zomato which rises a spot in the process.

Did you enjoy that tie? Good. Here’s another.

The Glovo app shifts up one spot to No. 7, which shows effort, while also at No. 7 this cycle is the Swiggy elevating two chart positions to get there. Shoot for the stars, aggregator apps.

At No. 8 we have a familiar name returning to the rankings after an absence. It’s the Talabat app back in the Top 10. Well done you.

Tired of tied scores yet? Better not be. Here’s one more.

Locking horns (or perhaps beeping horns) at No. 9 this cycle it’s the Menulog app up a spot from last month, now joined there by SkipTheDishes, back after a brief break.

That leaves just one chart position to go, and this time, no ties.

Taking us out at No. 10 it’s Foodora, making what may be its debut in the  PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps.

Just goes to show what a hardworking app can achieve — when it’s offering food.

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