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New Streaming App Ranking Is A Suspenseful Thrill Ride Of Unexpected TV Twists

It’s like … whoa. We’re not known for drama around here (just don’t finish the milk), but the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps is like an entertainment unto itself.

It’s not that big changes shake us up. We eat big changes as part of a healthy breakfast. That said, much has transpired since we met in this space a month ago to check out the streaming app competition. And a competition it is, as you’ll see.

This should go without saying, but no talking while we’re watching. The word is “shush.”

The Top 5

If only we could cue trumpets at times like this. New at No. 1 it’s Netflix ­— jumping into ecommerce now, too — and joining Google’s YouTube platform for a tie at the tip of the top. YouTube dedicated Thursday, June 24 to small business, and to that we say “cheers.”

Plus-one chart position and the Disney+ app rises to No. 2.

We’ve got another tie of the titans at No. 3 as Amazon Prime Video rises two spots to meet Spotify: Music And Podcasts which rose one spot itself to make this rendezvous.

No. 4 is PlutoTV, again, keeping on its own elliptical path to app primacy.

Rising two chart positions to enter the Top 5 at No. 5 is none other than Hulu, one of the original Big 3 streaming apps, and now crossing into the ranks of ranking royalty.

If we may, a “huzzah” for Hulu.

The Top 10

Thrilling ranking, right? Now change channels see what’s happening with Top 5 aspirants.

Up two chart positions since last cycle we’ve got the Amazon Music app at No. 6 (the app started featuring artist’s merchandise alongside songs in March).

Also climbing two spots it’s the popular Twitch: Live Game Streaming which just dropped prices while looking out for creators on the platform.

How many ties so far? There’s one more at No. 8 as the Funimation app hops up two chart positions, only to find the iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts app there, entering the Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps at No. 8. Welcome.

Not done yet. Hardly, as there are two more developments you must see.

Entering the Top 10 at No. 9 is Deezer: Music And Podcast Player.

In the “go big or go home” spirit we end on a household name flexing its considerable programming muscle, as the CBS TV app enters the Top 10 at No. 10. Exactly how that fits with the ViacomCBS rollout of Paramount+ will be revealed (if it hasn’t already).

What a ranking. It’s all here. Oddly, however, we have no idea what to watch.

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