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Nike Files for Virtual Trademarks for the Metaverse

Nike could be looking at a transition into the metaverse after it filed seven new intent-to-use applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in late October, The Fashion Law reported Tuesday (Nov. 2).

The applications were for several notable Nike trademarks, including the words “Nike,” “Just Do It,” “Jordan” and “Air Jordan,” along with the trademark Nike “swoosh” logo, the Jordan silhouette logo and the stylized combo of the company name and the swoosh.

In the applications, Nike says it plans to use the patents for “downloadable virtual goods, retail store services featuring virtual goods and entertainment services,” the last of which includes things like online non-downloadable virtual footwear, clothing, headwear, bags, equipment and similar items.

The metaverse refers to a virtual reality space where users can interact with other people within a computer-generated environment, but Nike’s exact metaverse plans are still unknown. The report says the company has been eyeing ways to fill several “virtual material designer” roles, which come after Nike shifted former Director of Innovation Engineering Andrew Schwartz into a new role as director of metaverse engineering in Sept. 2021.

The report says the company is actively seeking virtual material designers who can “play a key role in redefining our digital world” and usher Nike “into the metaverse” while “visualizing new material concepts.”

In other Nike news, the company was hit hard by factory closures in September, which caused the company to lose 10 weeks of production since July.

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Because of that, the company had to revise its outlook, adding that demand was likely to outpace supply for several quarters.

According to Nike Chief Financial Officer Matt Friend, transit times in North America have almost doubled since the pandemic begun, owing to both port and rail congestion and a worker shortage.

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