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Nuvemshop Acquires SMB eCommerce Platform Mandae

Latin American eCommerce platform Nuvemshop said on Friday (Oct. 1) that it plans to acquire the Brazil-based company Mandae, a logistics platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in order to support its more than 90,000 sellers.

Nuvemshop’s announcement comes shortly after the company nailed down $500 million in fresh capital in August to become a unicorn, a private company valued at more than $1 billion. Mandae’s services include the collection of orders placed on the merchant’s website and delivery of all items in the orders.

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“Acquiring Mandae and integrating our teams is part of our strategy to deliver even greater solutions to merchants across the supply chain ecosystem,” said Santiago Sosa, CEO and co-founder of Nuvemshop, in the joint announcement.

“With this merger, we will strengthen our services offering, as well as continue with our open-platform DNA, incorporating various companies in logistics and other markets so entrepreneurs may choose the best solution that meets their needs,” he said. “Our goal is to have more variety and quality within our ecosystem, to cater to retailers of different sizes, segments and regions.”

Rodrigo Rivera, chief strategy officer at Nuvemshop and the person responsible for the logistics and payments business units in Latin America, said in the announcement that the acquisition means the company “will improve (consumers’) buying experience, enable new business models and improve results for entrepreneurs who choose to partner with us.”

Marcelo Fujimoto, CEO and co-founder of Mandae, said that joining Nuvemship “is a combination that makes a lot of sense.”

“Logistics is one of the main challenges for eCommerce companies in Latin America, and for years, Mandae has been helping thousands of merchants to ship millions of packages faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively — advantages that help them compete and grow,” said Fujimoto.

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Earlier this month, Kushki Chief Executive Aron Schwarzkopf told PYMNTS that Nuvemshop is a key player in the digitization of payments in Latin America, where fragmentation is the order of the day and the quest is on for standardization.

“Nuvemshop is doing everything from shipping to payments to helping with inventory management, logistics and even credit,” Schwarzkopf said. “That’s going to help it have multi-engagement with medium and large merchants.”

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