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NYC Tells Residents To Stay Home For Holidays

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is attempting to dissuade city residents from traveling out of state for the holidays in hopes of containing the spread of COVID-19, CNBC reported.

He said there is a “real threat” of a second wave of viral infections and urged those who did leave the state to get tested and adhere to the travel guidelines to quarantine for 14 days after reaching a new destination, according to CNBC. De Blasio said his guidelines came from directives from the city’s health experts.

“Realize that by [traveling out of state], unfortunately, you could be putting yourself and your family in danger and also the risk of bringing the disease back here,” he said, according to CNBC.

He said there would be physical testing sites set up at LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport, and the government wants to make it as easy as possible to get tested, CNBC reported.

De Blasio is also angling for federal guidelines for nationwide requirements to test negative for COVID-19 before being allowed to board a plane, according to the report.

“It’s not about the airline industry, it’s about your health, your family’s health, the city’s health and safety,” he said, CNBC reported. “The country, that’s what we should be thinking about.”

De Blasio’s cautions and warnings come as the world is still waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine. Many consumers and business owners told PYMNTS in a recent survey that the top requirement for them to resume pre-pandemic life in full is for a vaccine to be available. People around the world now don’t anticipate a realistic return to their old lives until at least a year from now.

The European Union has said there won’t be enough vaccines for all its member countries until 2022, even though it is anticipating to have the first vaccines ready by early 2021.

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