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Olo Launches Curbside Arrival Notifications For Restaurants

Restaurant eCommerce platform Olo has launched several features to support restaurants as they adopt and expand their digital operations, Olo announced in a Thursday (Nov. 19) press release emailed to PYMNTS.

The cloud-based platform introduced Curbside Arrival Notifications and a Dine-In support mode, available today to all users at no extra cost.

With Curbside Arrival Notifications, restaurants that use Expo and Curbside will be alerted when a customer arrives, so that a staff member can bring their order out to them in a timely manner. Customers can tap the new “I’m here” button on the order page or in their confirmation email to sign in, notifying the restaurant, to accelerate the order pickup experience.

Restaurants that allow guests to order ahead and dine in can use the new Dine-In mode to facilitate handing off orders to customers, whether they opt to retrieve the food or have it brought to them. Using a QR code on the order page, guests can select a handoff method and note that they will be dining in-store.

“Every new feature we’ve released will help improve operations as restaurants deal with changing circumstances and the broader off-premise shift,” said Olo Chief Customer Officer Marty Hahnfeld said in the press release.

Olo has also recently added capability for contactless delivery, loyalty support, self-service Rails features, and virtual restaurant support to help brands add new ideas via direct or indirect channels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged restaurants to evolve quickly — and sometimes, uniquely — to drive sales and stay afloat amid stay-at-home orders, and then to entice diners to come back, safely, at the end of the summer.

Still, restaurants face a tough winter, as coronavirus case numbers rise, restrictions on businesses increase again and the cold weather challenges outdoor, social-distanced seating.

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