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Opportunities And Challenges In The Digital-First Era

Department stores are struggling in a digital-first economy, while forward-thinking retailers are looking at the returns process as an opportunity to create a positive customer experience. In eCommerce, Amazon is reporting a blockbuster holiday shopping season that saw toys, electronics and household products delivered amid the global pandemic. And in faster payments, the advantages of instant payment services are receiving attention from firms that want to be able to transact with better visibility and cash flow data. All this, Today in Data.


97%: Share of consumers who will buy from a retailer again after having a positive returns experience.

84%: Portion of technology firms that are “very” or “extremely interested” in the real-time payments (RTP) network.

13%: Rough share of merchandise sold during the 2020 holiday season that is expected to be returned.

8M: Minimum number of items that Amazon delivered to alternative delivery locations this holiday season.

6K: Approximate number of department stores currently in the United States.

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