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Oracle ERP Integrates Auditoria.AI Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solution firm Auditoria.AI, which works with corporate finance teams, will partner with Applications Software Technology (AST) to improve automation for businesses, according to a press release.

With the partnership, Auditoria.AI’s SmartFlow Skills program will integrate into Oracle ERP Cloud, and it will work to help boost delivery for quick financial insights, improve serviceability and help with customer needs. AST is one of the premier implementation firms in the U.S. for Oracle ERP Cloud, the release stated.

The integration will provide capabilities for AI-driven accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), general ledgers, and budgeting and planning, the release stated. Modern, technologically proficient application programming interfaces (APIs) will provide speedy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment that can be up and working within minutes, according to the release.

Auditoria’s SmartFlow Skills will “increase the speed, accuracy and productivity of finance teams running Oracle ERP Cloud while allowing them the ability to automate, analyze, audit and collaborate across the modern finance organization,” the release stated.

“As the pioneer in AI-driven automation and hyper-automation for corporate finance, Auditoria understands the importance of automating ERP to streamline repetitive tasks for finance teams,” said Shyam Kumar, vice president of Cloud Applications and Security Services with AST, in the release. “The SmartFlow Skills integration seamlessly integrates and extends Oracle ERP Cloud and will provide immense benefits to our clients.”

Auditoria CEO and Co-Founder Rohit Gupta said in the release that customers will “now be able to use our cutting-edge technology to usher in the era of the zero-touch back office by leveraging intelligent bots to automate back-office tasks in vendor management, collections, planning, audit, and more.”

In separate news from February, David Haimes, who was senior director of ERP cloud solutions with Oracle at the time, told PYMNTS that the option for touchless payments given by integrated ERP solutions can help scan more efficiently for blank fields in forms, correcting errors without human aid. In addition, the ERPs can collect customer feedback and data and let teams make changes quicker and more seamlessly, along with boosting security.

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