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Payment Tech Firm Epos Now Teams With BigCommerce

International software and payments technology firm Epos Now has rolled out a significant partnership with American eCommerce firm BigCommerce, according to an announcement.

The tie-up connects one of the globe’s top online shopping platforms with one of the globe’s top cloud point-of-sale (POS) firms, according to the announcement.

As a result, the retail clients of Epos Now will be able to tap into the worldwide jump in eCommerce sales demand and diversify their sales channels at a key moment for the industry.

“Our customers must move to capitalize on the growing demand for online retail,” Epos Now Chief Growth Officer Barbara Staruk said in the announcement. “Through this partnership, online retail is made simple, ensuring our valued customers can remain truly competitive in the changing landscape.”

The new alliance will give thousands of physical retail shops the chance to compete with leading eCommerce providers as merchants throughout the globe are encountering stricter local and national operating limitations due to the coronavirus, according to the announcement.

Clients of Epos Now will get BigCommerce on a complimentary basis for their first three months up to the close of 2020 as part of the rollout.

BigCommerce Senior Vice President of Technology Partnerships MaryAnn Bekkedahl said in the announcement that consumers are currently shopping through the web more than in the past and merchants are evolving their companies to meet people where they wish to purchase.

“Together, BigCommerce and Epos Now are making it easier for merchants to sell everywhere by creating a seamless connection between their physical and online storefronts,” Bekkedahl said.

Separately, Zoovu, which works in conversational search, teamed with BigCommerce on new no-code product locators to assist shoppers in finding things.

Conversational search means that a user can speak a sentence into a device, which can reply with a complete sentence.

BigCommerce Chief Commercial Officer Russell Klein previously said Zoovu “shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success, and we look forward to working together to mutually support customers.”

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